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Face, Girl, Close-Up, Eyes, Lips, SmilePresently, around 124.6 million adult Americans (50.2%) are single. This amount was approximately 22% in 1950. Regardless of the increase in the number of people swiping right and using online dating sites, being unmarried is more prevalent than ever before.
If you’re currently hoping to repay, you may be wondering exactly what girls look for in a man. Fortunately, we have done the research and can help you solve the puzzle so you can finally understand what women are searching for.
Ready? Let’s begin.
What Women Really Want
When it comes to finding a partner, men tend to be much simpler than girls. Women, however, tend to be a little more complicated. Some guys need some help understanding what women look for in a guy. Here are a few things most women are hoping for in their partner:
Most women want a guy that’s honest. Without honesty, there is no way to build trust. Men hoping to settle down with this ideal woman will need to be honest and direct.
No woman wants to play games, and they are not interested in trying to determine if you’re telling the truth. Honesty is crucial from day one.
This does not mean that women expect to have your attention every minute of every day. But they do need to feel cherished and special. Ladies love the little things that men do to make them feel great.
Sure, it can not always be roses and chocolates, and you probably won’t be making out continually during the day. Often, the romance seems to disappear once men are in a committed relationship.
While intelligence should never be flaunted (there aren’t many things as unattractive as a man who thinks he”knows it all”), it is an attractive trait. When you come across as humble and interesting, you will find it much easier to charm the ideal woman.
If you’re an expert in a certain area, use it as an”I know about this and would love to show you” way, rather than as an”I am so much smarter than you” way.
Intelligence is sexy, and girls like to learn from someone special.
Passion Nowadays, many women are looking for guys who can take initiative both inside and out the bedroom.
Sex is important, and if you’re having issues in the bedroom or suffering from a low sex drive, you might want to check out this therapy. Even in the event that you’ve got a fantastic sex life, girls want that fire to continue outside the bedroom. Every woman wants to feel wanted, so asserting yourself sexually is essential.
Small physical touches like a stroke on the back or a kiss on the neck are important too and will help keep the fire alive in your relationship.
One of the top traits women look for in a guy? A feeling of humor. Being funny simply makes you more attractive, and girls are ever looking for a guy who will make them laugh.
This does not mean that you want to be continually cracking jokes. Nobody wants to be with someone who takes themselves too seriously.
Girls want to be with someone who can take care of themselves. You’ll need to demonstrate that you are independent and capable.
Women do not want to be your mom, and it’s vital that you can prove that you can carry your own weight (and your partner’s when necessary). It’s a definite turnoff when guys are in continuous need of inspiration, help, advice, companionship, and reassurance.
Girls like to speak. A lot. Women speak approximately 20,000 words a day, which is 13,000 more than many men.
Your spouse may know you love her but would love hearing you say it as well. So let her know you think she is hot. Tell her she looks beautiful. It helps her feel confident and lets her know you can see the effort she has put in.
It’s also important to convey when you are not happy. There is nothing more frustrating than hearing someone say they are”fine” when they are not fine. Women appreciate men that are excellent communicators and avoid being passive aggressive in the connection.
Just like men are attracted to good-looking women, the same goes for women. Keeping yourself groomed, staying in shape, wearing clothes that match, and frequently bathing goes a long way.
This does not mean that you need to look like Brad Pitt.
Are You What Women Search for in a Man?
What do you think of the above traits? Do you believe you can tick most of them off? Have you got what girls look for in a guy? Or are there some places that you could improve?
Most girls are pleased to be with a man who’s a bit of a”fixer-upper” as long as he is prepared to focus on self-improvement. There’s nothing more unattractive than an unmotivated man who is happy with mediocracy. Which is something the folks at Animal Removal Chattanooga TN dont lack in

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